on Most Popular Meeting Booking SoftwarMeeting booking software is a big help for organizers because they no longer need to do the task instead the software will help in terms of preparations and managing. If you also want to try it, you should read this page to gain more information.

Popular Meeting Room Booking System

  1. MRBS: MRBS is a multi site booking software for meeting rooms. The rooms are being grouped into areas in a side by side view. The main goal of the software is for meeting room booking system but it can also be used to any computers and planes or to anything that you want. Some of the features include intranet or web based that is available through browser. It is also simple to follow, with flexible repeating bookings, ensuring that there are no conflicting entries, authentication, multi auth levels, multiple languages and much more.


  1. DIGIREZ: DIGIREZ is a web based meeting scheduling software and room booking software allowing you in managing facilities through website that you have. For instance, if you have ten offices with ten meeting rooms, this software allows users in viewing all rooms availability for bookings without leaving where they are. It is perfect for public situations like universities, libraries or clubs. One more thing is that this is a comprehensive meeting room booking software, planning script, scheduler management system, scheduling facilities and meeting room manager. It is free to install, free updates, technical support, unlimited rooms, bookings and users.


  1. Condeco: Condeco meeting room booking will help you in maximizing the room for meeting space, introducing great booking process and reducing the admin time. Some of the key features of this software include a full feature with Management of Resources, Booking of Video Conference and MS Outlook. It also offers an interactive mobile room booking and meeting room screens. Also, it works across numerous time zones and locations in 7 languages. Whatever you need and want, this tool can help you. It helps you with some of the tasks you need to do. This is definitely one of the best software to choose from.
  1. YArooms: YArooms is a web based booking software that makes it easy for you in managing rooms and resources easily and anywhere you are. It can be used for different location and time zone. It has a granular permission system so that you can see your workforce when it is available and where. It has an advanced interface that is designed in saving time and booking conference room in less than 60 seconds.In just less than a minutes, you can able to do what you want unlike before that you need to invest long hours.


  1. Add-On: This is a meeting planning software and meeting management software. It offers a comprehensive solution for everyone. This meeting room software is fully integrated for ease of use. It also allows you to easily and quickly place meeting bookings, receive confirmations and notify attendees. Meeting booking software is your help in improving resource utilization as well as to reduce costs. It enables you in finding the appropriate meeting room that allows you in inviting colleagues easily and quickly. Meeting booking tools allows you in catering your needs and other services.


  1. Rendezvous: This is considered to be a meeting registration software because you need to make a purchase to use it. This software is called as NFS with a proven track record in terms of scheduling software solutions and customer service. The fact is that it has over 1,000 clients around the world with caring and dedicated team and with superb integration skills. The software is one of the leading technology platforms in the industry.


  1. System Bookings: The main aim of this software is to offer solutions to client’s requirements and specification. They are offering a full solution, which includes implementation, aftercare, training, development and design. The system is developed to tailor the needs of customers and clients. They build the tool to help you in managing your day-to-day business especially on bookings.


  1. TabsCAFM: TabsCAFM is a meeting room booking software with powerful module and finely tuned feature. It has a larger resource management to aid management of meeting bookings. The software is ideal for people who are looking for efficient meeting rooms if any type, whether it is clinical rooms, conference rooms and sports facilities. There are lots of strengths of the tool and when it comes to depth, it can be easily identified because its function with greater accuracy and simplicity.


  1. Cyber Matrix: Cyber Matrix Meeting Manager is perfect for scheduling meeting rooms, scheduling resources and reserving meeting rooms. This is an easy to use meeting booking software. It also has a meeting manager in booking conference rooms, reserve rooms, board meeting, book classrooms, book driving instructions and much more. This software is simple to use and you will never wonder how you can manage it easily. This tool must need to install for you to schedule meeting rooms, confirms attendance, reserve important equipment and search for available rooms.


  1. Novera: This meeting room manager software has no limitations. The fact is that is stands above others because of its adaptability and flexibility. It is one of the best meeting scheduling software as of now. It is designed by professionals with customization and simple interface. Here are some of the things that you might like with the tool which include designer in creating or modifying forms, fields and tabs. Powerful search filters, customize titles, messages and labels and much more.


One of the important consideration is to check the software you use to know if it’s working or not. It is better when you look at its features to know how it works and will not be disappointed with the result that you get. It is also necessary that you check only the best software and as much as possible, reading reviews and testimonials is a big help. These are important considerations you should know and don’t forget about it, especially if you have plans in relying with online meeting booking software.


Meeting room booking system made easy

One of the best things about having a Meeting room booking system is that you always get to manage your meetings and people won’t end up being late. There’s a reason why meetings tend to go overtime because there is no proper room booking system that would properly manage everything.

But this is why you should consider using a Meeting room booking system fast and easy. You just have to install and manage this room booking system, and then you can get more control over any meetings regardless of the situation.

What type of features are offered by the Meeting room booking system?

Right off the bat, your primary focus will be on the fact that the room booking software allows you to schedule rooms and venues in no time. You can easily manage schedules and rooms; you can even see the available hours. The BookingLive Meeting room booking system allows you to showcase the availability on monitor displays or on a TV if needed.

Plus, the best meeting room booking system will integrate custom booking forms. If you really want your business to stand out, you need to focus on the experience in the meeting room. Thankfully, a good Meeting room booking system will help you increase the professionalism.

On top of that, the room booking system also integrates easy scheduling and canceling. This means you will not have a problem dealing with any schedule changes or any cancellations that may appear! As you can imagine, there are schedule shifts that will appear out of nowhere, so you have to do all in your power to check those out right away.

What other extras can you expect from a Meeting room booking system?

Aside from that, you will note that the best room booking software also integrates payments, invoicing and deposits. These things are very important since they allow you to handle payments and refunds in no time. You even get to send email and SMS notifications if you want, which is quite impressive most of the time.

BookingLive is a very powerful Meeting room booking system that allows you to do all of these and so much more. It also features the ability to sync staff calendars without any error. This brings in front outstanding features, and it helps you take the entire experience to new heights all the time.

Since there’s also a reminder system to be had here, you will see that using this type of system can be nothing short of amazing and certainly useful for sure. You can even access features like check-in, reports, and a dedicated dashboard. It works very well, and it provides you with an incredible outcome ta all times!

If you want to improve your meetings and take them to the next level, then you do want to use a powerful Meeting room booking system. All you have to do is to check it out, give it a shot, and you will certainly be amazed at the value and quality delivered here. You will appreciate the value delivered in this situation!